The current context of the Security and increasingly stringent regulations on Metal Detectors for inspecting people in transit, require devices with very high performance.

The range of equipment products includes models for interception of firearms used for access protection of buildings and inspection of people and very high sensitivity models for intercepting small amounts of metal.

HI-PE Multi-Zone Metal Detector for high performance

Precise detection of magnetic metallic weapons, non-magnetic and mixed alloys – Discrimination and flows very high crossing – exceptional immunity to environmental interference – Extreme reliability – Easy Installation

Sensor new generation of compact portable Metals

Complies with NIJ Standard – 0602.02 – Compact, stylish, ergonomic and robust – Uniform detection magnetic objects and non-magnetic – Fully digital design: calibration and automatic settings – Long battery life – Advanced communication skills – Indoor or outdoor use

Products available :

Metal detector gate :

HI-PE Plus – PMD2 Plus Série – SMD600 Plus – SMD601 Plus – Classic – HI-PE/CF Mobile – 02PN8

Handheld Metal Detectors :

PD140E – PD140N – PD240 – PD240C – CEIA CMD – Compact Metal Detector