Robust energy storage solutions , with proven technology designed for applications that require a safe and reliable supply with a long life battery

Stationary batteries for telecommunications.

Need Telecom offers range of batteries designed to provide reliable performance and offer competitive solutions to the demanding market requirements, focusing on the high quality specifications, reliability and value for money.

Batteries for civilian and military radio.

Make your request for all types of battery, specials batteries, accessories and multiply combinations .

Main products available (not exhaustive) :

Stationary Batteries communications : 

12MVR65TA – 12MVR80TA – 12MVR100TA – 12MVR110F – 12MVR130L – 12MVR155L – 12MVR180 – 12MVR200 – 6MVR200 – 4MVR300 – 2MVR400 – 2MVR500 – 2MVR600 – 12MVR35 – 12MVR55

Batteries for civilian and military radio